Media Coverage

January page of the VIB 2006 calendar
Marianne Guillet and Hendrik Visser surrounded by dozens of street dogs they rescued and who they share they life with. This photo was featured in the January page of the Volunteer In Bhutan (VIB) association 2006 calendar.


flag-uk-sm Towards Gross Animal Happiness in the Land of Gross National Happiness [Himalaya Travel Magazine – Issue 26, Autumn  2014]

Bhutan media All About Animals [Kuensel – 26 July. 2014]

Bhutan media Officialdom versus Volunteerism [Kuensel – 19 July. 2014]


US media Ms. Marianne Guillet – “Dog Mother” of Bhutan  [Ching Hai International Association, Shining World Compassion Award, 26 Sep.2009]

Bhutan media Dogs write to God [Bhutan Times – 3 May. 2009]

German media Portrait: Eine Liebe für die Hunde Bhutans [Deutsche Bhutan Himalaya Gesellshaft e.V, Thunlam Magazine Jan. 2009]


Bhutan media Compassion In Action [Bhutan Times – 26 Nov. 2008]

Bhutan media Meet Marianne [Kuensel – 26 Nov. 2008]

Bhutan media Mother Teresa of a Different Kind [Bhutan Today – 1 Mar. 2008]


US media Woman Offers Bhutan’s Dogs Salvation  [Honolulu Star Bulletin – 1 Oct. 2007]

On November 22, 2008, Marianne Guillet, nicknamed “Rochi Ama”, the mother of dogs in the local language, was recognized for her compassionate work with stray animals and services to society and awarded the Coronation gold medal by His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpoi of Bhutan, which was presented by His Excellency Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley


Bhutan media Dying a Dog’s Death [Bhutan Times – 24 Dec. 2006]

Bhutan media Volunteerism – Reaching Out to the Needy [Bhutan Times – 26 Nov. 2006]

US media Helping the Animal Kingdom in the Kingdom of Bhutan [Animal Sheltering – Jul.-Aug. 2006]

US media Dog Mother care for a Hundred at a Time [Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University – Jun. 2006]

Bhutan media The Year of the Dog – [Tashi Delek In-Flight magazine – Jan-Mar. 2006]

Bhutan media Volunteers In Bhutan ,Calendar, January Page [VIB –2006]


US media Compassion in the Heart of the Himalayas [The BARK – Winter 2004]

US media The Street Dogs of Bhutan [Scene Magazine Sarasota – Sep. 2004]


Netherlands media Moeder der Bhutaanse Honden [Haagse Courant– 22 Dec. 2003]


Bhutan media Woman Pursues Her “Mission” to Ease the suffering of Animals [Kuensel– 5 May. 2001]